Engine control unit (ECU) or Engine Control Module (ECM) is the brain of almost all motor vehicles on the roads today.  It controls every task carried out on the vehicles, through the assistance of sensors and modules throughout the electrical harness and records each and every function performed by the vehicle.
A Large majority of ECU’s are situated in the engine bay or near to or attached to the firewalls of the vehicles and are prone to quite a few forms of damage.

Most commonly:

  • Power surges
  • Water damage
  • Accident damage

We have a very good success rate in repairing ECU’s but there are a few that are beyond repair.  Jointly with STL and customer assistance we can then find a donor box form another vehicle of the same year, model and part number and operate on both, swapping  and changing parts and processors to make up a working ECU.  If a donor ECU is sourced 2nd hand, it is usually half the price of a new ECU.  So ECU repair are well worth exploring before buying a new one.