“Home is where the heart is“ from the inception of STL we have concentrated on providing secure solutions for residences across Gauteng.
First and foremost our families need to be as safe as possible, and then material goods and valuables accumulated over the years must be secured.  At STL we offer upgraded security measures to:

  • Wooden doors, steel doors, security doors
  • Driveway gates and garage doors
  • Hinged doors, sliding doors, pivot doors, glass doors
  • Gun safes including hand guns and rifle safes
  • Cupboard doors and cabinets

It is of the utmost importance to make sure that your security is to the Max ….”A criminal is lazy and will take the easiest and the quickest line of access into a residence”
Site surveys can be carried out to improve and strengthen your security at home.  
On the lighter side we also offer:

  • Opening doors when you are locked out or locked in
  • Repairing or replacing of locks and doors
  • After hour emergency service (we are not open 24/7 but do offer and emergency call-out)

“Anything with a lock and key is up our alley”