Remote repairs and empty pockets

Car keys, remotes are a part of most of our everyday as a result of constant use and possibly being dropped and damaged it can become quite a problem and costly especially with the cost of new car keys these days.  At STL we have the solution.  
A few of the causes that clients have presented with are as follows:

  • My dog got a hold of my key
  • Grandson had the key and tried to flush it down the toilet
  • I was thrown in the pool with the keys in my pocket
  • Lost my key and 2 days later I found it with the lawnmower

To name only a few strange things that we have happen to come across, but in general wear and tear remains at the top of the list for remote keys that have holes in the head where the buttons are pressed many times a day, a week and a year adds up.  Also the steel bit wears out and the key does not work as well in the lock anymore.

It is advisable to get these key problems attended to A.S.A.P especially when it comes to remote keys and fobs with holes in the head, if water or any liquid goes through the holes and onto the PC board inside, it will short out and a new key may then be needed.

Fortunately we have new casings and keys to solve this issue, we also repair the remotes keys that have damaged buttons and boards, even water damaged keys.  We have great repair rate at quarter of the price of a full key replacement.