To say that the automotive industry has evolved would be the understatement of the century.  The electronic age has truly transformed the simple car key into a marvel of the modern science and technology, put into simple terms… Transponder keys, smart keys, key fobs, keyless start systems to name but a few are here to stay. 

We do still entertain repairs and replacement parts and spare keys supplied and cut to ALL older model vehicles from A to Z and welcome any and all challenges from the golden oldies, but in saying that,, our main focus is on the new age technology and electronic systems that we now have on most models and types of vehicle since 1995 when the transponder keys first entered in the modern locksmith existence.

Safe-T-Locksmiths started the transponder journey in 2010 with very simple machines and very few variations and possibilities and we have evolved and transformed with the technology and are as up to date as can be with the latest hardware and software to have a solution for most of our clients transponder needs and requirements for most of the vehicles listed.